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Mortgage Partners Corporation was founded by Mr. Kash Toor – Managing Partner, who has over 14 years of experience in the Mortgage Lending industry. Mr. Toor has developed a passion over the years for helping clients achieve their financial goals which led him to launch his own Bradford mortgage brokerage. Mortgage Partners Corporation proudly serves clients in Bradford. We are an Independent Mortgage Brokerage Firm with an effective approach to financing and the best roster of institutional and private lenders on our side.
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Our highly motivated and friendly team

Kash Toor

CEO, Founder

CEO and Principal Broker of the firm founded in 2014. Kash has 11 years of experience in the industry which lead him to launch Mortgage Partners Corporation. With a passion to help client’s achieve financial freedom.

Maryam Bakhshi

Senior Mortgage Consultant

Maryam appeared in the 2020 Top 100 Canadian Professionals Magazine. As an award-winning mortgage advisor, Maryam is passionate about her work and her clients and believes in relationships built on trust and honesty. With a degree in statistics from York University and a postgraduate diploma from Toronto College of Technology after a successful 10-year career in different roles with Statistics Canada, the federal government, and IBM Canada she has helped many clients secure financing since 2012.

John Dubreuil

VP of Commercial Lending

John is our Sr. Vice president of commercial lending and sales. He brings over 30 years of extensive industry experience in commercial and land financing. John has helped many clients secure financing with his commercial lending background. Previously, John was director and Sr. Manager of Commercial Lending with RBC.

Rizwan Khan

Director, Accounting advisory

Rizwan has extensive experience in accounting, risk management and finacnce. Building strong relatioinships with his clients while analyzing and evaluating risk.

Steven Himelfarb

VP of Sales & Business Development

Steven brings in dedication, determination and creativity while embodying an attuned ability to adapt and cater to his clients’ needs, always going above and beyond. His 20+ years of sales and business development experience has led to a new approach in this industry that capitalizes on technology, transparency, and his natural ability to structure any deal, ensuring you get approved, save time and money, and get what you need most. Specializations: Private and Alternative lending, Deal Structuring, Negotiation, Education.

Matthew Scida

BA, Senior Mortgage Broker

Matthew has extensive experience to place your toughest deals. Matthew has been with us from the opening of the firm and has been a licensed Mortgage Agent since 2014. Covering areas in Bolton, Caledon Woodbridge, Vaughan. Matthew's recent achievements include the completion of Ontario Mortgage Broker course which has elevated his role at our firm

What We Do

Mortgage Partners Corporation is a Bradford Mortgage Brokerage Company with a team of highly experienced financial planners, lenders, and Bradford mortgage brokers. Our team of professionals cater to; Self Employed borrowers, current homeowners, newcomers to Canada and commercial clientele. We strive to provide you with the best service possible and ensure you make an informed financial decision.


Purchasing a home for the first time can be a difficult and daunting process. Our professional team at Mortgage Partners is here to help you through the entire process. From initial conultation to ensuring a smooth closing.

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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Mortgage Partners now offers Flex Heloc,The most powerful borrowing tool.  As you pay back the amount you owe, the amount of credit available to you increases until it reaches your credit limit. It’s available when you need it, through a variety of convenient options, We’re here to help you obtain your HELOC, Home Equity Line of Credit.

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Second Mortgage

Second Mortgages are a popular option for all types of home-owners, who may want to carry out renovations, consolidate unsecured debt or use cash flow towards another home purchase and acquire funds for unexpected emergencies.

24 hour funding available

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We offer a simple approach to refinancing, for all home owners. We know the difference between refinancing and renewals and will make sure that we help you through the entire process. Refinance today and consolidate everything into 1 monthly payment, lower your interest rate and save more on monthly interest.

Mortgage Partners accepts all types of Income, and all types of Credit.

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Switches / Renewals

Our flexible mortgage options and knowledgeable  Mortgage Specialists can help you save money and pay your mortgage off faster. These are just some of the reasons to switch your mortgage to Mortgage Partners. Let us show you how to renew or refinance your mortgage with our competitive rates and our flexible mortgage payment features.

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Commercial Mortgage

Commercial mortgages are known for being fairly complicated, but at Mortgage Partners Corporation, we understand the complexities associated with these unique loans, Successfully funding retail plazas, high rise and mixed use properties, we can help you complete your project regardless of loan size.

We offer financing on, Commercial buildings, mixed use, raw land, zoned agricultural and construction financing just to name a few.

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