Buying a home for the first time can be a difficult and daunting process. Fortunately, our professional team at Mortgage Partners is available to help first time home buyers through the buying process.  We will not only help guide you and answer any questions you may have about home buying, but we also offer flexible terms and low rates, as well as a variety of pre-payment options. We also provide first time home buyers with purchase plus improvement options and cash back options. When you team up with Mortgage Partners Corporation, first time home buyers can benefit from a smooth, and stress-free mortgage experience. This is because we do all of the shopping and hard work for first time home buyers. Our clients should know that obtaining funds should never be a waiting game. This is why we strive to make the process smooth and easy, promising efficient and timely funding, quick turnaround times and of course, the best terms and lowest rates on the market. We strive to serve first time home buyers at our very best and continue education for our licensed brokers and Financial Planners.

We also strive for best Industry practice in implementing knowledge from our exclusive Lenders on a regular basis so that our clients are well informed and acquire the knowledge to make the best financial decision. We urge our prospective clients to visit the CMHC step by step page and review the frequently asked questions section, as this provides a clear cut picture for insured mortgages and a useful checklist.

Most approvals are obtained within 24 hours from the time a complete application is received. As with all of our loans, we always ensure that your information is kept private, secure and confidential. We will never offer your information to any outside source. We use these values with professional and reputable lenders to make your first time home buying experience a stress-free process. This means no fees for first-time home buyers and the lowest rates and most flexible terms available for your first home purchase.

If your bank has declined your request for a mortgage, contact us immediately to explore your options.

Mortgage Broker Bradford
Mortgage Broker Bradford

Mortgage Rates

1 YEAR FIXED 3.89%
2 YEAR FIXED 2.89%
3 YEAR FIXED 2.89%
4 YEAR FIXED 2.94%
5 YEAR FIXED 2.69%

How it works

5% Down Mortgage

  • Home Worth $500,000.00
  • Rate Buster Interest Rate 2.49%
  • Down-payment $25,000.00

Payment Based On A 25 Year Amortization

  • $475,000.00 Mortgage $2125.47/Monthly
  • $475,000.00 Mortgage $490.11/Weekly

Bundle Mortgage Rate

  • Home Worth $600,000.00
  • Rate Buster Interest Rate 3.29%
  • Down-payment $60,000.00

Payment Based On A 30 Year Amortization

  • $540,000.00 Mortgage $2355.36/Month
  • $540,000.00 Mortgage $542.98/Weekly