In today’s difficult economic times, many homeowners turn to a Home Equity Line of credit (HELOC) to help them with their finances. HELOC offers Borrowers Low-Interest rate, no fee for usage, payback freedom and most of all, a convenient and flexible way to borrow money. Although this is a second charge on the real property behind the first mortgage, the freedom is more clear as we offer our clients the option to pay back and reuse as often as needed with lower interest rates and blended payments. At Mortgage Partners, we know just how important this credit line can be, which is why we lend based only on equity. This is not the only way we differ from many financial institutions. We also approve our clients request for much higher LTV (loan-to-value) amounts. This means, you are able to borrow what you need, and never have to worry about settling for a lesser amount which may not serve the purpose of your HELOC. Our home equity line of credit allows you to go as high as 85% LTV, while your financial institution only allows up to a maximum of 65% LTV. This is the highest amount that one can take out when comparing institutional lenders and the big banks’ conservative 65% LTV. We make it easy on every client we partner with. In fact, many of our clients come to us after their financial institution (bank) declines their request, or approves them for a lower amount which is insufficient for the purpose. We are able to ensure that you get the HELOC credit limit which is required, with ease. During this entire process of we continue to keep your information safe, private and secure.

Mortgage Broker Bradford

Mortgage Rates

1 YEAR FIXED 3.89%
2 YEAR FIXED 2.89%
3 YEAR FIXED 2.89%
4 YEAR FIXED 2.94%
5 YEAR FIXED 2.69%

Current Mortgage

Home Worth $450,000
Mortgage balance $330,000
mortgage payment $1560.00/month
Car Payments $500.00/month
Credit Card Paid $300.00/month
Store Cards Paid $600.00/month

TOTAL $2960.00/month

HELOC Mortgage

Home Worth $450,000
1st mortgage balance $330,000
Mortgage Payment $1560.00/month
Home Equity Line $50,000
New payment $291.25/month
Car Payments Paid
Credit Cards Paid
Store Cards Paid

TOTAL $1851.25/month

You save: $1108.75/Month